A Response to Criticism

I asked Kim, my wife, to look over my last (only) post, and she said that she liked the layout and pictures I chose. The nice way of saying that the post itself was not very good. She elaborated on this by explaining that in the light of the current political climate, my message of the importance of examining ourselves appears to be directed at the followers of Trump, only exposing both the truth of the statement and the hypocrisy of the post. She most certainly has a point, it was not my political allies I had in mind when writing the post. I hope to have this criticism reflect in future posts, as the last one wasn’t anything I was particularly proud of; it was only the most organized of the drafts I was working on at the time.

After this criticism, I have the urge to delete the post, but this post is my way of fighting that urge. I want to only publish perfection, but cannot reach that point without a lot of work, and I know that if I keep stumbling on self-conscious feelings and the cognitive dissonance of not already being a great writer (despite the lack of effort and practice that it would take to be one), I will never improve and never publish any of my drafts or put the necessary effort toward editing.

Writing is the creative outlet I am drawn to, and am working to prevent myself from standing in my way. I have an intense desire to write, despite often struggling to know what to write. This blog is meant to be a space for me to improve and grow, to exercise that creative drive. So, I will fight the urge to delete the (hopefully) mediocre post, and carry on.


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